In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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Dante Crow
Brave Vesperia
Brave Vesperia
Dante Crow

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PostSubject: Dante Crow Leader of Barve Vesperia   Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia EmptyFri Nov 06, 2009 3:44 am


Characters Name: Dante Crow

Picture: Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia Animed10

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Home Land: Myorzo

Personality: Dante is a very funny guy, at least he tries to be. He will make a comment that some people might not laugh at, but he still likes to lighten the mood. When it comes to battle, his hole personality changes, not like split personalities. He puts all jokes aside but keeps his positive attitude with him. He is known for flirting with teh ladies but never goes to fare and will stick up for them if need be.

Service: Brave Vesperia

Fighting Style: Dante is an "In your face" fighter, he doesnt give people much chance to think about the next move. When you think you got a second to take a breath, Dante makes his move.

Weapon Of Choice

Weapom Name: Raida-Drakegon (Dragon Rider)

Weapon Type: Spear

Weapon Picture: The Dragon Riders Spear has a 5 foot pole and a foot long blade at the and. Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia Dragon10

Weapon Ability: Has the ability to create a mini sonic boom when ever it blocks an attack. (Not like a explosion but a minor push back)

Sub Weapon
Weapon Type: Gauntlet
Weapon Picture: Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia 1fm49110
Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia _two_h10
The guantlet has the first picture ontop of the other one.
History: Dante was fighting a man with black hair and a red robe, he carried a bow and had a knife on his side. When the fight was over the man thought dante should have it for the man had no use for it.

Artes of Fighting (10- base artes, 4 arcane artes, 1 burst artes)

Arte Name: Azure Edge

Arte Ability: Dante drops either end toward the ground, he brings it to the air, as its going up. a ball of blue energy is shot from the tip.

Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Azure Heavens

Arte Ability: Dante points the blade into the sky, sharp icicles come down like rain over the enemies head. Can only be summoned in a 10 foot radius and cannot move.

Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Cruching Eagle

Arte Ability: Jumps into the air holding one end of the spear, he slams the spear onto the earths crust. Moving the earth and creating big jagged rocks that pop up in a line. The ranges from 10 feet to 20 depending on how high dante jumps.

Arte Element: Earth

Arte Name: Guardian Feild

Arte Ability: stabing the spear into the ground, Dante can heal small amounts of wounds. This is an area effect and can heal up to four other people to the same amount Dante heals.

Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Friggid Gale

Arte Ability: Slashs an ice X in the air with great speed, then stabs the X to break it into little shards that fly towards the enemy.

Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Ghost Dragon

Arte Ability: Flashes behind the enemy with lightning speed

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Moon Light Gale

Arte Ability: Flashes above the enemy, throws a Ball of light energy at the opponent. The apears back were he started. Can move were ever he likes but has to go back to were he started

Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Azure Dragon Edge

Arte Ability: The ice energy gathers around his bladed edge. on impact the energy is transfered to the target. giving off ice damage

Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Dragon Swarm

Arte Ability: Dante front flips repeatedly slashing his blade around and around. The speed is so fast it looks like a blur to the untrained eye.

Arte Element: Wind

Arte Name: Cerberus Blast

Arte Ability: Dante jumps into the air, he lands with the bladed edge sticking into the ground making a flame shock wave at his feet.

Arte Element: Fire

Arcane Artes

Arte Name: Azure Storm

Arte Ability: Dante drops either end toward the ground, he brings it to the air, as its going up. a ball of blue energy is shot from the tip. He can do this five times in a row, each swing shoots two blasts

Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Cerberus Fang

Arte Ability: Dantes Spear becomes engulfed in flames, Dante can only stab with this attack, but the damage is sevier.

Arte Element: Fire

Arte Name: Lone Dragon Blast

Arte Ability: A beam of light is fired from the tip of Dantes spear, has to hold it with two hands or he will loose control of the energy.

Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Tempest Havoc

Arte Ability: Dante spinns and creates a tornado. The wind can cut skin if not protected.

Arte Element: Wind

Burst Artes

Arte Name: Divine Dragon

Arte Ability: Dante Holds his Spear into the air, a lightning bolt hits the blade. Dante can shoot three botls of lightning at three different people or can shoot one massive lightning bolt at his enemy.

Arte Element: Lightning

Count down: 9 posts

Mystic Arte

Mystic Arte Name: Savage Dragon Fury

Arte Ability: An intense energy builds inside Dante, he unlocks the pure instinct of an animal. He goes on a rampage hacking and slashing at his opponent. The Fury gives Dante the power to igmore damage untill the mystic arte is over. He ends by holding the end of his spear and spinning around creating an Ice tornado. He lets it go at his enemys unleashing an icey hell.
The fury last for 5 post and the tornado last for 1 full post.

Arte Element: Ice

Count down: 15 posts

Characters History

History: Growing in the Myrozo, Dante Was a bright kid with a loving mother, Judith. He found himself spending his days playing with other Krytians children and learning to fight from his mom. His fahter was unknown, judith never told him who he was or anything about him. A day came were the Krytians desided to leave Myrozo to let the Entelacaia the lived on roam free. The days rolled on and judith ketp training Dante, He would praise the times he didnt fight. As much as Dante loves to fight, he loves peace more. Dante was older now and his mom wanted to test all that Dante had learned,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“The Days of Youth”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The days he was young he didn’t play many games, he only waited for the night to come so he could fall asleep under the stars. He worked hard training, getting his jobs done and overcome obstacles. He learned this for the Judith, his mother. She trained him with in everything she knew how to do, teaching him to cook, hunt the wild, and to love. As a kid, his mother was the only soul Dante trusted. All the other around him were criminals or were untrustworthy. He did anything that his mother told him to do, cause its what Judith said to do. This gave Dante his strict characteristics. The hard working came from the constant chores during the days, his out going features came from the Judiths charisma. His favorite, was all the nights around the fire, Judith would tell Dante stories about war and love. To the date, Dante remembers all of them by heart.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“The Days of New”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When the time comes like a tough battle, he will turn very strict, enough to tell a fighter with a broken jaw that he can keep fighting cause the man wasn’t dead. As long as that man can walk and swing a sword, Dante will tell him to fight, only because he would do the same. When there is peace, he likes to be laid back. He works hard and parties hard. His favorite season is in the Fall. The changing leaves reminds Dante of his child hood, how it all changes with one day. Dante is a very patient man, able to help many with their problems, but barley needs help with his own. When and if he does he isn’t afraid to ask. In battle, Dante was given the name Kazeshini (Death Wind) for the way he would find openings. Jumping around the back then moving as the person turned, so he could land a hit. When he landed a hit he would barley slash, only if he was cutting a limb off, he would always stab for a killing blow.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“The Days of Old”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now a days, Dante doesn’t fight as much unless he is provoked. He is always up for training and sparing. Dante's personality has changed form quiet and cautious to out going and confident. He has found peace with his past and has made many friends. He waits time by training the young kids around him and preparing for his long journeys. But when everything is done and the lights go out. He sits out side gazing at the stars drinking till he passes out. Then wakes up and starts his routine all over again. He jumps for the chance to get in on any mission that involves killing criminals. Every now and then, Dante will reminisce about the old days, but still looks forward to his future.

Dante had a dream, the night Judith was killed. A Guild of bandits tried to take Dante away and sell him off as a slave for a royal family on another world. judith stopped the men that charged with swords, but a group of archers shot Judith till she couldnt stand. She covered Dante with her body "Run....Run away." Dante did just that, grabing a keepsake that she used to tie up her hair and runing into the night. When he heard the sound of Bows pulled back he turned to see his mother charging the men. "Die Blood Alliance!" The men let go of their arrows and Judith was dead. He ran and ran untill he woke up. The dream was to much for Dante to handle. He grabbed his bodly of Saki and drank himself to sleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"The Days of War~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The night was cold and blood laced the ground, men from the Blood Alliance were chacing after Dante to get rvenge on a camp he pillaged. None of the Blood Alliance soilders stood a chance, their numbers dropped by the second. Forgetting his pain from the wounds they managed to inflict, Dante killed another soilder and stood with his head held high. "No amount of your dead will make up for my mothers death!" Dante grabbed his spear and tightend his grip as he charged yelling "Ikusa!" meaning WAR! The fight raged on as they had no way to stop this blood drunken man. The Blood Alliance, furious with their failure to capture this man, released a giant dog. The hell hound was so big, it bit a man in half with one chomp of its jaws. The beast roared and stoped Dante in his tracks. He desided to run for the beast plus more soildier would be to much for him. He ran for miles and miles, finally finding his way to an old house in the middle of Keiv Moc. A man about Dantes age steped out with a great axe. "Looks like you need some help." The man charged toward Dante but ran right past, attacking the three headed beast. Dante followed holding off the men that attempted to attack Dantes new friend. "Whats your name kid?" The man yelled in battle as they fought back to back. "Dante, whats your friend?" Dante stabbed and threw a soilder to the ground. "The names Karol, I'm the leader of a famous guild, and a master of monsters." Karol slashed at the dogs head. "DIE EVIL PUPPY!!!!!" Karol charged as an arrow was shot, hitting Karol in the chest. It didn't stop him from carving a gash into the giant dogs head. The dog and Karol fell to the ground. Dante ran over to Karol as he coughed up blood. "Dante, you look just like a friend I have....(cough cough)..... I have no son to pass this on too.... So take it." Karol handed Dante a pendent off his neck. It was a gold chain with a star like shape on the end that had the letters "BV" Dante continued the fight but was forced to retreat as their numbers grew large.

Storys were told around Terca Lumireis and how the leader of Brave Vesperia died fighting the Blood Alliance and how their was a new leader in the misdt. No one knew who, except Dante. For he was granted the pendent of a dieing guild, more famous than any other. He later learned his mother was a part of this guild, they went their seperate, for the wars were over, not much time past as the Blood Alliance grew again and restarted their life of crimes. Its up to Dante to recruit new members and begin his new life as the Leader of Brave Vesperia.

Last edited by Dante Crow on Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:11 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : added title and sub weapon)
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PostSubject: Re: Dante Crow Leader of Barve Vesperia   Dante Crow  Leader of Barve Vesperia EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 6:38 pm

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Dante Crow Leader of Barve Vesperia
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