In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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PostSubject: Rules(Read!)   Rules(Read!) EmptyFri Nov 06, 2009 8:36 pm

The rules are basic and are as followed, and are placed here for people to have fun.

GOLDEN RULE: I've had lots of problems with this, people are thinking they are the king because their stats. Give everyone the same respect you want to earn in return. No favorite staff, mod, admin, or whatsoever. Keep it to yourself.

NO GOD-MODING: This is a term of RP, when you avoid the attacks infinitely. As well as landing hits on the opponent. Some god-modding tends to keep controlling the other person's character.

NO META GAMING: This is a term of RP, when you tend to know that the opponent has an appearance of a human, but you know that they are a monster. This is not tolerated, you will get the divine punishment from the staff. If you get caught on both, god-modding and meta-gaming, you will get a warning. But if it continues in a repeating video, you will be banned.

KEEP IT PG-13: Cursing, Sexual Materials and Adult contents are a no in this forum. We want the forum to be clean as ever, and some teens plays this RP as well. If you have to share it with someone, PM them instead of posting in public.

Seriously, no plagerism is allowed: It is against the law, and we don't like it when you bring out information from the other site, and claim that it's yours. No, no, no. Forever, no!

Accounts: If an Admin see's you a good RPer and you have good post, you may have a second account. However,you may not have two characters serving the same Kingdom.

•No Kingdom may attack another without Permission.

•Deathmatches can be done at all times. Here is a tip for you if you don't agree with this. If you don't want to die, DON'T JOIN A TOPIC WITH SOMEONE THAT WAN'TS TO KILL YOU. If you don't want certain people to join, Post who you do want in the topic in the title and then put only.

For Example: A Day of Fun -[Bob Only]-

Even if you don't care who join's but you still don't want fighting, you can put that in the title as well.

For Example: A Day of Fun -[Open, No Killing]-

If stuff like this isn't added to the title, it's an open to anyone. The staff will not listen to your reasons, so you should always remember this.

Word Count: In the title, if you put [No word count] That is ok, but

NO ONE LINE POSTS Still atempt to make 5-6 sentences. The staff will let it slide for few times, but if it keeps repeating you will get a warning, and will be asked by the staff to edit your post. No exception.

If you give staff any lip, cursing, or taunting. Well, you'll get what you ask for.

I've never seen this before but I'm putting it out there anyways NO DISCRIMINATION OR RACISM!
no making fun of color, gays, religions, gender, or age...... yes age. If you have problems with this, keep it to yourself or goodbye. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!
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