In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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 Hikari Ichirin-Nohana(WIP)

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Hikari Ichirin-Nohana

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PostSubject: Hikari Ichirin-Nohana(WIP)   Hikari Ichirin-Nohana(WIP) EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 7:46 pm


Characters Name: Hikari Ichirin-Nohana

Picture: Hikari Ichirin-Nohana(WIP) Animea10

Age: Looks: 19 Real: 3500

Gender: Female

Home Land: Derris-Kharlan

Personality: She is very serious, expeccially when needed. She loves to have fun. When she gets mad though, you might as well run. She uses her sword as a dart more than a sword! She loves fun.

Service: She is the Leader of the Cruix Angels

Fighting Style: Hikari is very taticial, she is strong, but can sometimes go into a bloodrage. She can't stop fighting, until her target is dead.

Weapon Of Choice

Weapon Type: Red Sword

Weapon Picture: (See Character PIcture)

Weapon Ability: Hikari's sword changes to the element opposite of the element of the terrain around her. (Ex. Rocky terrian, her sword has the Wind Element.)

Artes of Fighting

Base Artes

Arte Name: Angel Feathers
Arte Ability: Feathers fly out of Hikari's wings and cut the enemy.
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Saints Gravitation
Arte Ability: If anyone touchs the circle besides Hikari, The spot explodes. Lasts for- 3 posts
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Heavenly Eye
Arte Ability: Hikari changes the terrain around her. This does not do damage.
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Angel's Protection
Arte Ability: Hikari's wings close around her, forming a protective barrier around her.
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Torrential Stardust
Arte Ability: Mini stars fly out of Hikari's hands, and when the hit the target they relese a lot of energy, causing pain/
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: (Efreet, Undine, Sylph, Luna, Celcius, Volt, Gnome, Shadow, Verius)'s Tear
Arte Ability: The Summon Spirit Element that corrospondes with her current sword element is used like a demon fang.
Arte Element: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Shadow, OR None.

Arte Name: Aqua Laser
Arte Ability: Hikari shoots a large water spiral forward and damages any enemies in its path.
Arte Element: Water

Arte Name: Erupution
Arte Ability: Several waves of magma pulsing out of the ground
Arte Element: Fire

Arte Name: Tiger Blade
Arte Ability: When using Tiger Blade, Hikari slashes upwards while jumping, then slashes downwards while landing.
Arte Element:None

Arte Name: Tempest Strike
Arte Ability: When using the arte, Hikari somersaults into the air while extending her sword outwards, slashing the enemies multiple times while airborne
Arte Element: None

Arcane Artes

Arte Name: Hunting Beast
Arte Ability:Hikari slams the target with a weakened blast, creating a lion's head image. Then he flips into the air and drops to the ground with enough force to create a powerful shockwave that knocks down all enemies around him.
Arte Element: None

Arte Name: Sword Rain: Chaos
Arte Ability: The target is showered with several rapid thrusts, followed by a strong upward slash and a final blow in midair
Arte Element: None

Arte Name: Meteor Storm
Arte Ability: The spell causes meteors to rain down upon the battlefield, causing explosions as they collide with the ground.
Arte Element: Fire

Arte Name:Whirlpool
Arte Ability: Hikari gets under the enemy, and a giant whirlpool comes out of the tip of her blade the engulfs the enemy.
Arte Element: Water

Burst Arte

Arte Name: Shining Bind

Arte Ability: Hikari creates a seal of light around her and all other foes near, damaging the foes as the seal is formed. Once enough energy has accumulated, the light rises up as towering pillars, and Hikari hovers above the ground. Then the pillars are shattered onto the enemies.

Arte Element: Light

Countdown: 7 Posts

Mystic Arte (1)

Mystic Arte Name: Chaotic Judgement

Arte Ability: First Hikari grabs her blade and slahes at the enemy then appears at another angle and repetes this many times. Second Hikari stabs her sword into the ground. After that, a beam of light falls down on the enemy of choice, catching the foe off-guard, before pelting them with light beams falling from heaven. Destroying light then erupts from the floor underneath the foe, causing intense pain.

Arte Element: Light

Countdown: 16

Characters History

History: Hikari was born over three thousand years ago, on the far away planet Derris Kharlan. She trained and trained all of her life, she worked harder than a lot of people. Then when she looked six(500 years), the Great Seed was planted on a desolate planet. After a hundred years, this planet was full of Humans and Elves. When she looked eight(700 years) she noticed something odd. All of her friends had Human Parents, or Elven Parents. She was the only one who had a Human Father, and an Elven Mother. Everyone had no idea that she was going to be the one to start a lot of the problems. When everyone heard that a Human and Elf had had a child no one knew who, but they acted like it was a horrible thing. HIkari and her Mother fled the city, when the rumor started getting bigger. Her friend Kotone Ayane Emi let the cat out of the bag. Ever since then she has been discriminated for being a halfling. She trained so much that she made it up the leader of Cruix.
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Hikari Ichirin-Nohana(WIP)
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