In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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 Dantes Gauntlet

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Dante Crow
Brave Vesperia
Brave Vesperia

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PostSubject: Dantes Gauntlet   Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:45 am

Weapon Type: Gauntlet

Weapon Picture:

The guantlet has the first picture ontop of the other one.
History: Dante was fighting a man with black hair and a red robe, he carried a bow and had a knife on his side. When the fight was over the man thought dante should have it for the man had no use for it.
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Hikari Ichirin-Nohana

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PostSubject: Re: Dantes Gauntlet   Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:26 pm

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Dantes Gauntlet
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