In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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 Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness

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Jansen Jizo
Six God-Generals

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PostSubject: Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness   Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:42 am


Characters Name: Jansen Jizo


Age: 27

Gender: male

Home Land: ?

Personality: Short and simple. A drunken fool. He likes to drink and get into fights. If hes not drunk or fighting hes tring to get with women. 99.99% of the time he fails with grace. But if a women is in trouble he is the type to save the day.

Service: Six God Generals (Dark/Shadow)

Fighting Style: Wild, swings with no concern for hit or miss. He loves using his gun.


Name: S.S Zephyr


Speed: Fast

Durability: Medium

Weapon: Aer Cannon- a regular looking cannon that fires magic energy "Aer"

Weapon Of Choice
(You can have a rifle or "Blunder Buster" but you have to have a dagger/kris, punching dagger Exc)
(You can have a big hand to hand weapon such as a greatsword, but can only have one flint lock pistol)
(You can have two flint lock pistols if you have a short sword, saber, rapier, daggers)

1st Weapon Type: Dead Mans Punching Dagger

2nd Weapon Type: Redemption Botlok Pistol

3rd Weapon Type: Boomerang Knife

Weapon Pictures: 1 Dean Mans Punching Dagger

2 Redemption Botlok Pistol

3 Boomerang Knife

Weapon Abilitys: 1st- The daggers have the ability to break weapons. NPC's weapons are most vulnerable. A regulars characters would take minimum 20 posts of dead locks and actually attempting to break them. (Blocking attacks dont count. 20 of Jansens posts)

2nd- Redemption can build up a shot and hold it till Jansen shoots the gun. The more bullets he shoots the stronger it hits. 6 shot flint lock style. no need for gun powder. juat cock the hammer back.

3rd- Boomerang Knife is a throwing knife that comes back after it hits somthing.

Artes of Fighting (8 Base Artes 3 Arcane Artes 1 Burst Arte)

Base Artes

Arte Name: Shadow Bullet

Arte Ability: Shoots a bullet with Dark Energy.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Hidden Whip

Arte Ability: When Jansen seperates his dagger, he can make a dark whip that connects them together. He can lenghten it or shorten it as far as 5 miles. (Helps for climbing and attacking)

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Intoxication

Arte Ability: If and whan Jansen get drunk, he can exhale all of the alcohol he drank out into a mist. If someone breathes this or gets it in there eyes, the become drunk and can only handle it if they are a heavy drinker.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Darkness Falls

Arte Ability: Covers the enemies vison. Blinds them and can only be taken off by a "Dispel" type Arte

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Shadow Mine

Arte Ability: Jansen covers the ground under him with a trap, when he is attacked by a close quarters attack. The trap explosed. Jansen will not get hurt. 3 post count down.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Reloadead

Arte Ability: Jansen ignores the law of reloading, he replaces bulletts with magic energy. Last 3 posts.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Lost

Arte Ability: A black portal is created under someones feet. They gets sucked in and get teleported somewhere random at most 5-10 miles away.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Forgotten

Arte Ability: Jansen turns his back on his enemy. The moment they make a move towards him he falls into a shadow and apears from the enemies shadow

Arte Element: Dark

Arcane Artes

Arte Name: Rapid Reloadead

Arte Ability: The same as Reloadead but the shots fire faster "Semi Auto" like most modern day hand guns. Last 3 posts.

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Cut Down

Arte Ability: Slashes both daggers at the ground, dark energy skims the ground like a title wave. 5 post count down

Arte Element: Dark

Arte Name: Shadow Edge

Arte Ability: Creates a drop of dark energy onto the ground, the area 10 feet around that gets covered in darkness and dark energy blades slash at the people that are covered inside. 5 post count down

Arte Element: Dark

Burst Arte

Arte Name: Ballistic Reloadead

Arte Ability: Jansen Fires his gun into the air like a machine gun. The magic energy bullets fly up, then come down like rain. Number of bullets: 150

Arte Element: Dark

Count Down: 9 posts

Mystic Arte (1)

Mystic Arte Name: Dead Mans Soul

Arte Ability: Jansen create a dark vortex from his hand. He pulls everything in sight and has no control over what he takes in. If a Mortal gets sucked in, They die and never come out. If an Immortal gets sucked in, Jansen can shoot them back out. If ANYONE gets sucked into his hand, major damage is inflicted.

Arte Element: Dark

Count down: 15 posts

Characters History

History: When Jansen was young, he was the son of a blacksmith. His mother left to another village with a rich man and never came back. Growing up without a mom, Jansen had an infactuation with women. He always wanted to be around a girl, if not he would be loanly. At the age of 20, Jansen found a monkey that was introuble. He kept it a raised it untill it was ready to live on his own. The day came and the monkey never left, he stayed with Jansen to this day. He named the monkey Lu, nickname Luey. Now a days Jansen sails the seas with his pet monkey and random people he picks up at bars to help him sail his ship.
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Dante Crow
Brave Vesperia
Brave Vesperia
Dante Crow

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PostSubject: Re: Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness   Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:27 am


Pet Name: Luey, Lu


Age: 10 Monkey years

Gender: male

Personality: Lu does what ever Jansen tells him to. His personality around Jansen is what ever mood Jansen is in. When Women are around he gets playfull and loveing.

Owner: Jansen Jizo

History: Luey is a spider monkey and was found by Jansen with a broken leg, Jansen found him when he was young, 3 monkey years old. Every sense Jansen and Luey travel the seas looking for adventure.

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Hikari Ichirin-Nohana

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PostSubject: Re: Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness   Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:50 am

Everything looks good. Okay.

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PostSubject: Re: Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness   

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Jansen Jizo Six God-General of Darkness
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