In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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 Skye Eventide

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PostSubject: Skye Eventide   Skye Eventide EmptyFri Nov 27, 2009 4:26 pm


Characters Name: Skye Eventide

Picture: DayTime: Skye Eventide Anime_11

NightTime: Skye Eventide Gothic10

Age: Looks: 17 Real: 2700

Gender: Female -_-

Home Land: Derris Kharlan

Personality: Skye was brought up with a truly selfless nature. She tends to try and befriend new people that she meets, even if the other person is a threat to her life. She is quite clumsy, as her repetitive tripping causes the most unusual and usually beneficial things to happen. Skye has a tendency to hide her problems from others, such as her affliction with Chronic Angelus Crystallus Inofficium, a disease that causes the crystallization of the body. As soon as Hikari found out, Hikari healed the disease quickly. This often annoys Hikari since he wants to help her, but Skye hates making others worry for any reason. She tends to apologize for many things. At night the ONLY similarity is that she doesn't like to bother people with her own problems. Other that that, they are COMPLETE opposites.

Service: She is second in command for the Cruix Angels.

Fighting Style: Skye is calm and apologetic when she fights. She doesn't like to fight. At night she is enraged, and loves to fight.

Weapon Of Choice

Weapon Type: 2 Swords

Weapon Picture: Right: Skye Eventide Iceani11

Left: Skye Eventide Animes11

Weapon Ability: Skye can combine her swords into one. The sword is covered in an IceFire. A Cold Burn. "Rain over the Frosted Heavens!" has to be said to combine them.

Artes of Fighting

Base Artes

Arte Name: Crystal Rain
Arte Ability: Sharp shards of ice come out of Skye's blade(s)
Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Holy Song(Night= Devil's Melody)
Arte Ability: Skye sings a song that brings a barrier around her allies that protects them. (Limit 3 and herself)
Arte Element: Light(Night= Darkness)

Arte Name: DayDream Lure(Day form only)
Arte Ability: Heals one Ally
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Nightmare Obliteration(Night form only)
Arte Ability: Skye crosses her blades(or points her one blade) and at the X or point a blast of darkness shoots out, and hits the enemy.
Arte Element: Darkness

Arte Name: White Fog(Dark Fog)
Arte Ability: A thick fog comes in, and Skye is the only one able to see through it.
Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: SubZero
Arte Ability: Skye forms a ball of Ice in her hand, and she throws it at her enemy. Anyone that touches it(Not Skye) will be frozen on a part of that limb.
Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Frosted Moon
Arte Ability: An ice circle appears on the ground. Anyone over it, is trapped in the ice.
Arte Element: Ice -_-

Arte Name: Glacier
Arte Ability: A sharp glacier comes up out of the ground under the enemy.
Arte Element: Ice

Arte Name: Light Spear Cannon(Death Spear Cannon)
Arte Ability: Skye takes her blade(s) and jumps into the air. She slashes circles of light(darkness) down upon the enemy. Then she drops her blade(s) onto the foe, and the rings close onto the enemy.
Arte Element: Light(Darkness)

Arte Name: Character Change
Arte Ability: Skye can change her form to the other for 20 min(Two posts).
Arte Element: Day: Darkness Night: Light

Arcane Artes

Arte Name: Judgement
Arte Ability: Massive blasts of light fall from the sky. They are scattered, but if hit, it is very painful.
Arte Element: Light

Arte Name: Stab of Ice
Arte Ability: Skye's blade(s)
Arte Element: Ice -_-

Arte Name:
Arte Ability:
Arte Element:

Arte Name:
Arte Ability:
Arte Element:

Burst Arte

Arte Name:

Arte Ability:

Arte Element:


Mystic Arte (1)

Mystic Arte Name:

Arte Ability:

Arte Element:


Characters History

History: (Describe how your past, and how you unlocked your power.)
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Skye Eventide
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