In a land of immortals, many have the skill to fight, few have the heart to win. The new World Tree that provides immortal life has started to wither. Will you fuel the fire or extinguish the flame?
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 Armored Legends

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Dante Crow
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Brave Vesperia
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PostSubject: Armored Legends   Armored Legends EmptyTue Dec 22, 2009 4:41 am

I've made an Rp forum that has admin and mod spots open . Me and Ace are still working so you can join . The requirements of being an admin will be posted on there soon . Please stay active on Armored Legends . No one liners atlease one paragraph Rp post , which is 3-5 sentences . The link will be posted below . (:

About: It's about warriors / archers / rouges / mages / and all that .

Thanks to who ever joined . (:

EDIT: It's auto . Dun have to check email .

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Armored Legends
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